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Today everyone is looking on the MLS, chasing down short sales, and knocking on For Sale By Owners doors, with too much competition to make a buck, left with nothing but a giant goose egg and a tremendous waste of time.

Well a Real Estate Wholesaler can be the life blood of an Investor.

What’s a Wholesaler you ask. A Real Estate Wholesaler brings distressed properties to Investors and partners at below market prices

Its about time Investors and Real Estate Agents start realizing the opportunity to build your business by leveraging the hard work, marketing techniques, and direct relationships with banks, & REO agents. This especially applies to RE Agents. We know You guys/gals have put the time in for 5-10-15 years or more making cold calls and knocking on doors building your clientele. Don’t worry I am a Licensed Agent in New Jersey and I feel your pain. Still too many times I come across agents with a massive lack of knowledge pertaining to wholesaling and investing all together. (You’ve missed the boat)

There’s tons of wholesalers out there and all of them shout out at the top of their lungs that their property is the deal of the CENTURY! Come to find out its barely 7-10% off retail and the tenant has to be evicted…(Well good luck in New Jersey my friend). Although there is some true professionals doing a good job at suppling distressed properties to investors throughout the tri-state area, most of the properties come with baggage.

So what makes our properties better than all the other Wholesalers

  • 30-50% below market price

  • Our properties are maintained and winterized

  • Completely cleaned out of any belongings

  • Secured and routinely checked up on for weather damage

  • No liens or cloud over title

  • No tenants to be evicted

  • Pictures/video tours for every property

Simply stated

You won’t find a better product to build your investment business faster


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